An Artificial Intelligence engine using The BPM Method ads system to fast-track your next explosive ad campaign results.

AdvertAizer (pronounced ‘advertiser’) is an application created by AI, which uses AI to help shorten your path to creating great ad campaigns.

It creates ads for Facebook and Google that you can copy and paste. And Sales Letters, Email Subject Lines and also jumps into Facebook to pull out Interest Targeting ideas and Competitor ads…

So you can spend more time on actually making money from ads.

This includes ‘Depesh AI’ – our advanced AI chat system which is learning Depesh Mandalia’s advertising techniques and allowing users to ‘ask’ Depesh questions like how to structure ad campaigns, analyze ad results, build offers and so much more.

AdvertAizer reduces the gap for advertisers at every level to compete with the very best – the top 1% – without the large budgets needed for training courses, or the time required to sit and watch endless training videos.

AdvertAizer aims to eliminate the need to ‘learn’ advertising and simply allow you to ‘do’ advertising.

Your own personal 24/7 advertising assistant that doesn’t cost thousands a month, doesn’t take time off or have personal issues you need to deal with.

It’s fully scaleable to teams, supports multiple languages and can help craft landing pages, emails, ads and everything in between to ensure you crush your next ad campaign.

AdvertAizer 1.0

The 1.0 stage of the AdvertAizer engine is aimed at giving you a mix of super useful functionality, a nicely laid out user interface and speed.

Our Agencts are constantly being tweaked and improved, based on user feedback and our own internal analysis.

(an Agent is context we’ve provided to AI that helps create the stunning results you see inside)

You can read more about the development and plans here.

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