An Artificial Intelligence engine using The BPM Method ads system to fast-track your next explosive ad campaign results.

UPDATE: AdvertAizer is now The BPM Method AI and only available to members of our AdSignals Mastermind.

The BPM Method AI is your 24/7 Media Buyer assistant, designed for freelancers, agencies and offer owners running ads on Facebook, Google or YouTube.

The BPM Method AI is your own version of hiring Depesh as it contains knowledge from our ads agency SM Commerce such as case studies and anonymised results, the full BPM Method ads program and more.

Plus this advertising assistant doesn’t cost thousands a month, doesn’t take time off or have personal issues you need to deal with!

It’s fully scaleable to teams, supports multiple languages and can help craft landing pages, emails, ads and everything in between to ensure you crush your next ad campaign from concept to ad to launch to scale.

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